Boocast 2.0 #3

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Boocast 2.0 #2

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Return of the Boocast!

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Boocast Promo!

Our first promo is avaliable! You can get it in the itunes feed or download it at!

Boocast 006 – PAX Overload!

We went to PAX2010 and played some great demos! You can Subscribe via Itunes or at Voicemail: (646) 9-Booman, or (646) 926-6626 Email: Twitter: Booman @Boocast,  or Demise @1stTimeCaller

Ep 22 – The Fozzie Factor!

This Week: Fozziebare of The Podcast Podcast joins me, as we usher in a new era of NON-Pop-Syn-ness, Check out our awesome new home @ ! casts Mentioned: The Podcast Podcast Sabrina Talk Night Of the Living Podcast Popcorn Mafia Movie Fan Cast Blackdog Podcast Hey Ash Whatcha Playing? Are You Serious? And more, [...]

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Boocast 004 – Camps & Vamps!

It’s an old episode i needed to still get up. The newest one will follow shortly. It’s up in Itunes or you can download it at Voicemail: (646) 9-Booman, or (646) 926-6626 Email: Twitter: Booman @Boocast

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Join Us @!

Many things going on to delay the show, but please keep busy by joining us at the new forums! The forums have gone live and many of your favorite shows are there, like: Gentleman’s Guide to Midnight Cinema, Are You Serious?, Night of the Living Podcast, Parperbag Radio, Outside the Cinema and more! Join [...]

New Forums!

The new forums are alive!

Life Get’s In The Way!

So, here is an update! With life getting crazy for Jay and I, I have let the show sit for a while. Plus, as the new forums come together,  it’s a good time to regroup and let everyone get settled in. I have set plans to record within the next week. As always, I will [...]

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