And So It Has Begun…

Sandi (AKA Demise) and J (“Jay” , AKA Fakeshemp) have gone and done it! We decided to place ourselves among the “talkers.” However, we will still be the listeners! We have recorded our first show: 1st Time Caller!

1st Time Caller (or First Time Caller) is now in the official works. Each show will center on the review of & highlighting of one or two podcasts each week. J and I have been podcast listeners for some time now. We want to share those special, semi special, and even horrific, moments with the masses. J has a very wide variety of movie related podcasts in his queue among a few political and technical pieces. As you may have read in our last blog, I started with gaming and comic podcasts then transitioned to horror movies casts. I still keep some managerial and language casts in there for support in my professional life.

How does one become avid podcast fans? J and I have a lot of things we do that allow for steady listening to some sort of entertainment every day. We have found that podcasts fill those hours in a much more interactive and fulfilling way then music can do, hour-after-hour, day-in and day-out. We love the interaction, the community and friendships that result from a quality show and their fans. So, the hard part, how to review friends and enemies?

Fortunately we have no official enemies, so that part will be easy for now. Very unfortunately, that leaves mostly friends to review! However, we are not out to maim anyone, or to fix any show. We are just hear to share what caught, or didn’t catch, our attention. We’ll share what about the shows we feel makes it worth investing the time in, and if they have community to offer. So (hopefully), all the podcasters out there will understand that intent and not crucify us for this service we will provide their potential audience. Any publicity is good publicity, right? … Fellas? … Right?

The first episode is in the ca. Sort of. All the pieces have been passed to my tech guru (my hubby!), who will do his “sound-magic” and let me know when I can upload for distribution. J and I got SO out of hand, that when I combined our recordings with promos of shows and a small “Boo-Cast” with my son, it turned in to an epic episode! Therefore, it will be distributed as a 2 parter! When any of that occurs, I will be the first to tell you all!

In the mean time, send us suggestion for future reviews! You are why we are doing this!

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