Episode 1, Part 1 is out there, and it sounds like crap!

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It is explicid!!!

Podcasting and reviewing at its worst!

Howdy folks… 

The Skype connection had us severelyover lapping each other, and even cutting us off. Some might not even make sense! We have low budget mics and we were ALL over the place on the discussions. So, if this first show falls flat, give us a couple more tries and send in some feedback. Our goal is to learn all we can about podcasting and share those failures and success with you!

First TIme Caller Episode 1

RSS Feeds and I tunes access should be up sometime tomorrow (as I figure it out!). For now please just DL or listen via the above link.

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  1. FakeShemp Says:

    You guys should quit while you’re behind!


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