Pop Syndicate Chewy Goodness!

Stefan Halley of www.PopSyndicate.com has given us forum home!

One of the “secret” hopes of FTC is to be a part of the Pop Syndiacte family.

As listners were were among the happiest family memebers there. Stephen upped the anti though. We are now among the podcast forums listings! Now we can chatter with the entire family about our show! We invite you all who are not familuar to get you asses over there! The forusm is just a small part of all that Pop Syndicate has to offer!

Hurry! See what you’ve been missing! www.popsyndiacte.com

Direct forum link: http://www.popsyndicate.com/forums/viewforum/100/


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  1. Sandi Says:

    I don’t doubt that the title First Time Caller is not new, but I did search for existing podcasts with the name. I would like to know & listen to some of the other podcast reviewing shows out there!

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